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Showcase Highlights

Welcome to our Showcase pages.  Here you can find a wide range of interesting videos from musicians, bands, entertainers, comedians, retailers, film makers, theatres, venues, event organisers and much, much more!

When you click a banner, you’ll automatically see the video, together with links to additional information.

You’ll find a selection of some of our favourites on this page, but you can also browse through specific categories by selecting the appropriate buttons below.  Want to Showcase your talents here?  Contact Us

This month’s highlight:   Burn Unit

We’re proud to bring you The Amazing Johnathan’s new series of chat shows, which feature interviews with his Las Vegas entertainer friends, as well as celebrities who pass through town.

Johnathan also teaches pranks, practical jokes and magic effects that can be useful in everyday life.  We warn you though...Burn Unit is not suitable for
anyone under 16.

If you're a comedy fan you will no doubt recognize Amazing Johnathan from the hundreds of TV appearances he has made on programmes including Late Night with David Letterman, HBO’s Young Comedians Special, A&E's Mindfreak, Showtime, Evening at the Improv and hundreds of other TV specials including
four of his own Comedy Central specials.

Moving to Las Vegas to fill in for a two week gig at the Golden Nugget, Johnathan broke the attendance record and was extended for 13 years, making him the longest running magic act in the city's history.  He has recently ended his Vegas show and is now focusing on creating the wildest video podcast on the world wide web.

*Warning - contains adult themes and strong language*

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